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We are the exclusive Authorised Service Centre for Claude Bernard watches in New Zealand and undertake all warranty and non-warranty work on site by our qualified watchmakers. Your Claude Bernard watch is covered by a 2-Year International Warranty.


Should your Claude Bernard watch need warranty service or non-warranty service, we recommend completing the steps below.

  1. Download and fill out the Service Request Form.
  2. Pack your watch securely in a signature required courier pack. Do not include your original watch box or packaging. Enclose the service request form in the package along with your filled out warranty card. Failure to enclose your warranty card may result in charges being incurred.
  3. Ship your package to us (see address below). We recommend keeping note of your tracking number and ensure your details are filled out in the "Sender Information" on the back of the package. Pilbrows Watch & Clock Restorations is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  4. We will email you when we receive your package and enter your repair order into our system. It will then take a few days to assess your repair before your watch is serviced. You will be notified about any costs that are not covered by warranty.
  5. Upon completion we will contact you confirming return shipping details and with payment information (if applicable).


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Claude Bernard advise you to do maintenance service (water resistance, movement accuracy test) every 24 months.
Claude Bernard advise you to do a complete maintenance service (complete movement revision, water resistance, accuracy and functionality complete revision) every 5 years.


Claude Bernard portrait Founded in 1973, Claude Bernard takes its name from a master watchmaker from the Jura Valley where centuries earlier Switzerland's watchmaking industry had taken hold.

In the mid-16th century when 27-year-old Frenchman John Calvin broke with the Roman Catholic Church and fled to Geneva, Switzerland, numerous French Huguenots followed him. As a result of religious policies Calvin banned all jewellery, such as beads, bracelets, gold and gemstones, because they had no place in the worship of God. Consequently, goldsmiths and jewellers were forced to turn to a new craft - watchmaking. It was the perfect thing to do for these highly skilled fabricators.

Window bench Most of the year Claude Bernard, like most of his companions, farmed to feed himself and his family. But during the long and harsh Swiss winter months, when the landscapes vanished under heavy snow, Claude and his fellow craftsmen created watches.

Many of these highly skilled watchmakers moved north and master watchmaker Claude Bernard was one of them. He discovered the gorgeous high-plateau in the midst of the Jura headlands, a secluded mountain-range along the French border. As a tribute to his hometown Geneva (French Genève) he called this charming hideout "Les Genevez".

The original 16th century house in Les Genevez where Claude Bernard and other skilled artisans used to gather and share their tools and ideas still exists. It has been carefully restored and today serves as a public museum. Swiss watch manufacturer Claude Bernard is honoured to be a patron of the more than 450-year-old institution.

Les Genevez And it's in Les Genevez today that Claude Bernard creates its gorgeous timepieces, either with mechanical or quartz movements, all assembled with a passion for detail that can be traced back to those 16th-century pioneers and Claude Bernard himself.

For many years, the idea of owning or buying a top-quality Swiss watch could only be entertained by a predominantly wealthy section of the population. Then in the 1970s a vision to build and make a precision-manufactured Swiss watch for people who wanted quality but were unwilling to spend a small fortune to obtain it was sought by a small group of motivated engineers and watchmakers. This vision saw the birth of the Claude Bernard brand. The Claude Bernard brand was officially registered in 1973.

Claude Bernard watch Today, Claude Bernard prides itself on using the most modern of materials in its watches but without forsaking that magnificent Swiss watchmaking tradition.

From sleek diver's models such as the Aquarider to the slick Sophisticated Classics dress watches and the elegant, ultra-feminine Dress Code family, Claude Bernard's portfolio is as diverse as watch-buyers themselves.

Combining tradition and innovation and the highest quality but without the price tag to match, Claude Bernard watches are the best value Swiss made watches available today.