We are the exclusive Authorised Service Centre for Edox watches in New Zealand and undertake all warranty and non-warranty work on site by our qualified watchmakers. Your Edox watch is covered by a 2-Year International Warranty.


Should your Edox watch need warranty service or non-warranty service, we recommend completing the steps below.

  1. Download and fill out the Service Request Form.
  2. Pack your watch securely in a signature required courier pack. Do not include your original watch box or packaging. Enclose the service request form in the package along with your filled out warranty card. Failure to enclose your warranty card may result in charges being incurred.
  3. Ship your package to us (see address below). We recommend keeping note of your tracking number and ensure your details are filled out in the "Sender Information" on the back of the package. Pilbrows Watch & Clock Restorations is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  4. We will email you when we receive your package and enter your repair order into our system. It will then take a few days to assess your repair before your watch is serviced. You will be notified about any costs that are not covered by warranty.
  5. Upon completion we will contact you confirming return shipping details and with payment information (if applicable).


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Edox recommend a full service every three to five years on all their mechanical and quartz devices.

Our full service is a thorough and time-consuming process that involves completely dismantling, cleaning, lubricating, and reassembling the movement. After servicing, every movement and timepiece goes through a special series of tests, where it has to conform to stringent precision standards. This is the best way to ensure that your Edox watch will continue to run accurately for years to come.


Christian Ruefli-Flury portrait Swiss watchmaker Christian Ruefli-Flury founded his company in 1884 in Biel, Switzerland choosing the name Edox, meaning "measuring of time" in ancient Greek and in 1900 designed the hourglass to serve as a visual symbol for the company's brand. Edox is one of the few Swiss companies that has remained in continuous production since its foundation.

Edox factory Robert Kaufman-Hug took over the company when Ruefli-Flury died in 1921. He led the company's transition from pocket watches to become the first wristwatch-exclusive watchmaker.

By 1955 the company employed 500 people, moved to a new factory and was one of the leading watch companies in the country.

The Delfin line of watches launched in 1961, with industry-first double case backs for high standards of shock protection, water resistance, and ruggedness.

The Hydrosub line was launched in 1963 featuring the first crown system with tension ring allowing waterproofness of 500 meters.

1970 Geoscope timepiece In 1965 Victor Flury-Liechti took over the company from his uncle, and invested in new manufacturing technologies. This led to the 1970 Geoscope timepiece, the first watch covering all time-zones.

In 1973, the third-generation Delfin was released. It used elements from to the Gerald Genta-designed Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.

With the rise of Japaneses watches and the Quartz Crisis in the 1970s, the company became an affiliate of the General Watch Company. As part of the move, Technos and Certina were transferred to the Biel/Bienne Edox location. At the end of the downturn in the Swiss watch industry in 1983, Edox re-gained independence when the company was sold to Victor Strambini Montres Vista SA and moved to Les Genevez, Jura Mountains. It has since remained a family-owned company.

Les Bémonts Ultra Slim The Edox Les Bémonts Ultra Slim was released in 1998. With a movement thickness of 1.4 mm, it still holds the record for the slimmest calendar watch.

2013 Delfin watch The Delfin line was restarted in 2013 with a new model based on the 1973 edition.

In 2014, the company celebrated their 130th anniversary by releasing updated, limited-edition versions of their Geoscope, Les Bémonts, and Hydrosub timepieces.

Edox cross-section Today they continue their tradition of producing quality timepieces. Edox timing instruments are made for performance. Their complex cases can contain up to 20 individual components instead of the standard three providing superior shock protection and water resistance.

Every single part of an Edox watch is made to exact specifications with the lowest possible fabrication tolerances. Nevertheless: Assembly and regulation are still done by hand by skilled watchmakers. One watchmaker is responsible for the whole watch during assembly and regulation however production and quality control are strictly separated to assure ultra-high standards.

Sauber F1 racer The company sponsors the Sauber F1 racing team, Extreme Sailing Series, Dakar Rally and is sponsor and official timekeeper of the World Rally Championship. The manufacture also produces diving watches for UIM Class 1 Offshore Power Boats.

Scott Mclaughlin Notable wearers of Edox watches include Olympic swimmer Mireia Belmonte, race car drivers Benito Guerra, rally legend Petter Solberg and New Zealand's own Scott Mclaughlin as well as U.S. actor Bruce Willis.

Edox Koenigsegg Limited Edition Edox, in collaboration with Koenigsegg car company also produced a specially designed watch known as the Edox Koenigsegg Limited Edition producing 30 units of the "standard" version and only 10 units of the diamond set model worldwide.