We are the exclusive New Zealand Authorised Service Centre for Luminox watches and undertake all warranty and non-warranty work on site by our qualified watchmakers.
Your Luminox watch is covered by a 2-Year International Warranty.


If your Luminox watch needs warranty service or non-warranty service, we recommend completing the steps below.

  1. Download and fill out the Service Request Form.
  2. Pack your watch securely in a signature required courier pack. Do not include your original watch box or packaging. Enclose the service request form in the package along with your filled out warranty card. Failure to enclose your warranty card may result in charges being incurred.
  3. Ship your package to us (see address below). We recommend keeping note of your tracking number and ensure your details are filled out in the "Sender Information" on the back of the package. Pilbrows Watch & Clock Restorations is not responsible for lost or stolen packages.
  4. We will email you when we receive your package and enter your repair order into our system. It will then take a few days to assess your repair before your watch is serviced. You will be notified about any costs that are not covered by warranty.
  5. Upon completion we will contact you confirming return shipping details and with payment information (if applicable).


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Like any high precision instrument, a watch needs to be serviced regularly in order for it to work perfectly. As a general rule, Luminox recommend having your watch serviced every 3-4 years.


Barry Cohen portrait Like many other American success stories, Luminox came from a forward thinking individual realising a need in the market and meeting it. Barry Cohen, a watch industry veteran, came across a Swiss self-powered illumination system and knew that it would make watches more visible and easier to read in low or no light situations.

Luminox self-powered illumination system He asked his friend Richard Timbo if he would like to join him. Luminox was born in 1989 (Lumi is Latin for light while Nox is Latin for night), driven by a commitment to offer cutting-edge luminescence and readability in its line of high-performance sports watches.

In 1992, the officer in charge of procurement for the Navy SEALs, Nick North, was asked to seek a more dependable watch for night missions and found the solution at a trade show where he discovered Luminox. He worked with Barry Cohen to develop a watch specifically for them and the Navy SEAL watch was born.

Luminox 3001 Original Navy SEAL The Luminox 3001 Original Navy SEAL was launched in 1994 and is the timepiece that made Luminox famous. After Luminox provided the watches to the SEALs, more elite units contacted the brand directly, including the U.S. Coast Guard, New York City Police Department, Singapore Air Force, Special Military Forces Israel and many other law enforcement groups.

In 1997, Luminox makes its debut in Hollywood! Actor Viggo Mortensen wears a Luminox Original Navy SEAL 3001 watch in the movie G.I. Jane starring Demi Moore.

Luminox 3001 Original Navy SEAL Luminox was approached by US Air Force pilots flying the F-117 Nighthawk™ Stealth fighter jet in 1998. This initial contact turned into a worldwide license agreement to produce Lockheed Martin timepieces, including watches tied to the F-117 Nighthawk™, F-16 Fighting Falcon™, SR-71 Blackbird™ and the new F-22 Raptor™, P-38 Lightning™ and most recently, the F-35 Lightning II™.

Luminox Limited Edition Valjoux Automatic Chronograph In 2005 Luminox creates the first Lockheed Martin SR-71 Blackbird™ Limited Edition timepieces. This Lockheed Martin Collection has since been extended with several versions of its well received Limited Edition Valjoux Automatic Chronograph.

Ronnie and Andre Bernheim Ronnie and Andre Bernheim, owners of the Swiss watch manufacturer Mondaine Watch Ltd, with a long history in the Swiss watch making industry, acquire 50% of the Luminox company shares in 2006. Their vast experience in global brand building, strong connection to distributors worldwide and great reputation in the watch trade was the start of Luminox becoming a large international brand.

Luminox Navy SEAL Colormark 3051 Series 2007 saw the launch of the Navy SEAL Colormark 3051 Series - the evolution of the original Navy SEAL timepieces - soon to become the best-selling series of Luminox watches.

With the Colormark Series Luminox introduced a new Carbon Compound for its case material; high-tech Carbon reinforces the case to make it stronger and lighter. This high-tech material is frequently used in racing cars, airplanes and spaceships. Professionals around the world choose it because of its perfect combination of light weight, strength and durability Carbon Compound does not get hot in warm temperatures or cold in cold climates and, for undercover missions, the matte finish material is also an important benefit.

Luminox also debuts a specially hardened scratch-resistant mineral crystal of 550-650 Vickers, approximately 20% harder than conventional mineral watch crystals.

In 2009 Luminox partners with counter terrorism expert and undersea explorer Scott Cassell. Cassell, a dive professional, relies on Luminox watches as part of his essential diving gear. As a man with high ideals, he is steadfastly committed to his missions, with one clear goal: to protect the world's oceans and their inhabitants.

Luminox Essential Gear campaign Launched as the brand approached its 20th anniversary, the Essential Gear campaign addresses consumers outside the military and law enforcement niche while maintaining our heritage. It invites peak performers, athletes and outdoorsmen of every kind into the Luminox family.

Luminox Deep Dive Automatic Series Luminox, in 2010 is proud to introduce its 50 bar (500 meter / 1500 feet) Deep Dive Automatic Series, Essential Gear for serious divers and a certified watch for use by professionals - complying with the strict and extremely high standards of ISO 6425 for diving watches.

In 2013 Luminox becomes the exclusive watch partner for SXC (Space Expeditions Corporation). Long active in the realms of SEA, AIR and LAND, Luminox now added a fourth dimension to its collection - SPACE.

Luminox had the opportunity to develop a new series of watches with upgraded features and again collaborated with Navy SEALs, both active duty and retired. This partnership resulted in the A.N.U. (Authorized for Navy Use) Series.

Luminox SXC GMT Space Series Luminox celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2014 and continues to expand its product range! Luminox announces the SXC GMT Space Series, the first series in the new SXC Space Collection designed with input from test pilots and astronauts. These GMT watches in an ultra-light weight Carbon Compound or Stainless Steel are suitable for adventurers on Earth and in space.

Luminox Master Carbon SEAL 3800 Series 2016 saw the launch of the Master Carbon SEAL 3800 Series and the introduction of a case reinforced with 40% carbon long bars - the forefront of materials innovation! Andre and Ronnie Bernheim reach an agreement with Luminox founder, Barry Cohen, to purchase his shares in Luminox including its American distribution company Lumondi, Inc. The Bernheim brothers now own the Luminox companies and brand in their entirety.

Luminox Navy SEAL 3500 Series Launch of the Navy SEAL 3500 Series - the latest evolution of the Navy SEAL watches - honoring the legacy of these elite teams. Launch of the Leatherback Sea Turtle Series. The classic Luminox case design with the protected crown balanced by an opposite outcropping and four prominent horns has often been compared to the shape of a turtle; the now iconic Luminox case design is referred to as the "Turtle Shape" case.

Today Luminox continue to push the boundaries in terms of what can be expected from a wrist watch. Thanks to the Luminox Light Technology (LLT), Luminox watches will continue to show the time, all the time - ALWAYS VISIBLE!

Luminox always visible