Recent Projects

Before   After
Before   After
This British United Clock Co. clock made c.1900 and was in poor condition when it arrived here but after a full overhaul & case restoration it’s now in beautifully working order.
This Titan watch was presented in 1939 and after many years of hard
work was put into a draw and forgotten. The work we carried out
included an overhaul of the movement, new glass,dial
restoration, re-plating of the case and a new strap.
This small and quite unusual French clock came in with major problems.
The balance staff was broken and rust had crept in behind the dial.
After a full restoration, which included making a new balance staff,
this timepiece was once again ticking nicely.
This is a very nice piece that came in for repair. Its an 18ct gold
cased pocket watch with 30 minute stopwatch and double sweep
seconds for lap timing. The small sub-dial on the right gives
the time, the bottom sub-dial is the seconds hand for the
time & the top left sub-dial is the minute dial for the stopwatch
while the two sweep second hands cover the main dial.
This is another nice piece that has recently been in for repair.
Its an 18ct fusee pocket watch with verge escapement.
Unusually it is wound through a small hole in the dial in the base
of the number XII. Very delicate gold, rose gold and silver leaves
decorate the exterior of the dial.