We perform all watch and clock repairs on premises with the exception of some specialty work such as clock case refurbishment and watch dial restoration.

We give free estimates before undertaking any major work, so feel free to pop in with your timepiece or courier it to us.

Repairs undertaken by ourselves range from a new battery right up to complete rebuilds of entire timepieces.


  • High end watch servicing
  • Batteries, gaskets, seals & pressure testing
  • Stems & crowns (dust proof, water resistant, screw down & fancy)
  • Glasses (from plain round to fancy or specialty shapes)
  • Case polishing & refinishing, repair & re-plating
  • Mainsprings, dial feet, and all other mechanical repairs
  • Complete overhauling of movements
  • Quartz movements & circuits
  • Dial and hand restoration
  • Pocket watch covers, pouches, bows, chains & keys
  • Pins, spring bars & straps (leather, metal, rubber, silicon, nylon and specialty styles)
  • Strap adjustment, repair & safety chains


  • Keys, pendulums & hands
  • Chains, ropes, catgut, wire & fuse chains
  • Glasses (from plain round to fancy or specialty shapes)
  • Glass domes for 400 day and ormolu clocks
  • Mainsprings, suspension springs & click springs
  • Complete movements both quartz & mechanical
  • Overhauling and servicing
  • Case repair & refurbishment
  • Dial and hand restoration
  • Wheel & lever manufacturing
  • Barometer glasses and setting
  • Custom made 230 volt clocks for shop displays, private dwellings and sports grounds can also be commissioned. Any size and style.

Watch repairing

Many minor watch repairs can be completed overnight while batteries and straps can be done while you wait. Pressure testing for water resistant watches takes about an hour. Servicing and overhauls usually take between 5-7 working days once the approval for the estimate has been given. Once repairs are carried out we put the watch through a thorough testing phase and all get timed on one of the most advanced electronic timing machines available. New batteries are supplied in servicing quartz watches.

If your timepiece is required for a special occasion or by a certain date, please let us know so we can ensure it is ready in time.

All efforts go to providing as quick a turnaround as possible but delays can occur, especially for timepieces that require parts to be ordered or manufactured.

Clock repairing

Upon receiving your clock, the movement is removed from the case and an estimate is provided (if required). Inspection is usually same day but may take up to a week depending on the workload at the time. We will then phone or email you with the estimate, after which your approval is required before any work is undertaken.

Once completed, we thoroughly test the clock (to within its capabilities). This testing is done in two stages. First we bench the movement in specially made frames. Once we are satisfied the clock is performing to standard, the movement is mounted back in the case and tested again. This can take up to 2 to 3 weeks depending on the run duration of the clock.

We then contact you when your clock is ready for collection. We can deliver and set the clock up in your home if required, or we can courier it to you.

Watch & Clock servicing

A service (or overhaul) of your timepiece is required on a regular basis as with a car. But unlike a car, where you can undo the sump plug and drain out the old oil, watches and clocks need to be taken apart to have all traces of the old oil and dirt removed. In servicing your timepiece we start by removing the movement from the case. The movement is then completely dismantled, including all calendar gear, automatic winding and shockproofing, strike, chime, alarm & chronograph mechanisms as well as removing all mainsprings from their barrels. Each part is then cleaned by hand to remove any visible dirt, oil & grease before being placed into automatic ultrasonic watch cleaning machines or clock ultrasonic baths or to be thoroughly cleaned. Because the automatic ultrasonic cleaning machines used for watches contains waterless cleaning and rinsing solutions the dismantled parts come out ready for bench work, the clock parts on the other hand require more attention before engineering can start. After the clock has been in the ultrasonic baths for a sufficient period, the parts are then removed and rinsed in clean water before being hand dried and placed into specially made drying boxes where hot air is blown over the mechanism to remove any moisture still present.

Now the real work can begin.

Each and every wheel, lever, spring and plate is inspected for wear, corrosion and faults. Any worn pivots are then polished as well as the pallet faces in clocks. Bushing is required for most clocks and older type watches, with some clocks needing upwards of 20 bushes to bring the wheels back into line. As well as all of this, any warn or broken parts are either repaired or replaced. A bent or broken tooth in a clock wheel for instance, has to be removed, cut out and a new tooth made and inserted into the defective wheel. Once all the engineering work is completed and the parts in question tested, the plates of clocks only are lacquered (watch plates don't require lacquering). Assembly can now take place.

Special oils are necessary to lubricate the movements of watches and clocks, with many timepieces requiring six or seven different oils, greases and pre-treatment solutions in order to run correctly. Once fully assembled and lubricated, testing is then carried out. Watches put onto the latest Witschi Chronoscope S1 (G2) electronic timing machine to check timing, beat and amplitude, while clock movements are mounted in custom made frames to test all the complicated functions such as chiming and striking.

Refinishing of watch cases and cleaning and polishing of clock cases is also carried out along with any extra refurbishment that has been requested such as new glasses, straps, dial restoration etc. Refurbishment of clock cases may also be undertaken as discussed with the client.

Finally once all aspects of the repair are up to the highest standard, the case and movement are brought back together and final testing is done. The seals and gaskets on watch cases are also checked and replaced if necessary and all water resistant watches are pressure tested.


All work carried out comes with a guarantee of up to two years. This guarantee covers the quality of workmanship for the repair carried out only. If a problem does arise we will be happy to remedy this for you free of charge. This guarantee does not cover damage of defects arising from accidents, unfair treatment, water (rust) damage, wear & tear, or failure to carry out the instructions explained at time of collection or on the information sheet. Watch strap/bracelet damage or damage to the glass or case, and/or interference with the movement are not covered by this guarantee.