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This watch was German made to be used during WWII
All original including the extra-long strap (made to fit over an airmans suit) and onion-shaped crown

The manual wind features a sweep second, hacking (the second hand stops when the crown is pulled out), micro-regulator, and a Breguet hairspring.

The dial is a Type A (Baumuster A): manufactured from 1940 through January 1941 with a classic dial featuring numerals 1 to 11. Instead of a 12 at the top, there was a triangle marker with a dot on either side.

The case is 55 mm, gray-varnished brass, with snap-on case back.
Printed on the inside of the case back is the type (Bauart: Thommen), device number (Gerat-Nr: 127-560 A.1.), movement number (Werk-Nr: B.L.T. 886), stock number (Antorderz: FI 23883), and the producer’s name (Hersteller: Wempe Hamburg).
Official FL 23883 marking on the side of the case: “FL” stands for “Flight” (Flug), the first two digits, “23,” stand for navigation, and “883” was a code assigned by the German Testing Office for Aeronautics.

The 12 o’clock indicator was marked with a triangle and two dots so that it could be differentiated from other numerals at a quick glance. The other reason was for pilots to quickly determine the watch’s upward orientation.

Luminescence: A strong radium (226Ra) paint was used for luminescence so that the dial could be read off in darkness. The luminous material was applied to large Arabic numerals and the minute and second markers. The hour, minute, and second hands were also coated with the radioactive paint.

This watch comes from the estate of Anton C. Meier (1936-2017), who preserved the estate of the spiritual healer and artist Emma Kunz.

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